A Seat at the Table

LighthouseAs some of you know I am a photographer.  I also drive for Uber and Lyft.  I have a Seat at the Table every day. I drive people of all ages. I drive people from all over the world.  I drive people of all religious and political beliefs. Sometimes people will get into my car and bury their heads in their phones and we don’t talk at all because I respect their choice to remain silent.  However more often than not  I ask them where they are from, what do they do for work or what are they studying at school and we are off to the races.  For the next twenty to thirty minutes we take on the on the worlds problems.  Whenever I write a piece like this I include a picture.  Today it is a lighthouse because everyone needs to shed truth and light on the world.

Thursday night I was invited to attend a dinner with a group of strangers.  The get together was called A Seat at the Table.  Fourteen of us represented a diverse group,  We were male, female, trans-sexual, people of different religions and ages and beliefs.  We were an amazing group.  The two and a half hours we were together flew by and I can’t wait to meet again.  The common thread was that we believed that by talking together we might be able to influence a change in ideas and misconceptions that surround us everyday.  It was to be sort of a training of how we should conduct ourselves with the people who are seated at our own tables. 

This nights topic was on how the world perceives the trans-sexual discussion that is taking place around us every day.  How do we address the anti Trans-Sexual movement that is taking place around us every day?  How do we fight the bigotry and ignorance that surrounds us.  How do I as a seventy-four year old man educate myself?  I went away from the meeting with questions answered and questions left unanswered. Obviously the issue was not solved and will be an ongoing discussion.