A Very Happy Birthday

My son-in-law Peter celebrated his 50th birthday this past Saturday.  It was held at an Irish pub called the Fields in Cambridge, Ma.  I am posting this just to describe the process of creating the video.  I used my Canon 60D and I had purchased an external mic because the quality of the internal one is not good.  I tested it once to find the quality pretty good but when I attached it I forgot the linking step so the audio for the video was non existent.  I downloaded appropriate music from Amazon but YouTube is very fussy about copywrite so I needed to change the music to one they had and fortunately is fit pretty well.  

Of course I used the pop-up flash for the stills and for the video a new light from Neewer that was ok but I should have added more light or boosted the ISO. 

The best part is the processing.   For that I used Adobe Premiere Pro which is the best I have ever used.  The learning curve is not bad and I know someone who is using it at a TV station for editing so it is professional grade.  I give the final product a B.  What do you think?

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  1. You really have me wanting to dabble in some video now….nice work! And Happy 50th to your son in law!

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