A Walk in the Harbor

 Lobster TrapsWhile on a break from my Uber driving I decided to take a walk around some of the waterfront and take some pictures.  It has been a while since I had done this since posting so much about my thoughts on the Trump administration.  I had become a little obsessed about the events which I am sure some of you had noticed. 

Any of you who have visited Portland, Me. know that in addition to an abundance of fantastic restaurants, music, art, and just a ton of charm Portland is also a working harbor.  In the early morning fishing and lobster boats leave the harbor to harvest their crops.  They return late at night where the catch is distributed among the many seafood processing plants right on the harbor. 

It has always been for me a great place to record the workings of the harbor.  The two pictures I post today are representative of the area.  The first show a pile of lobster traps ready to go out to sea and capture some of the Homorus Americanis or the Maine Lobster.  The Maine Lobster is prized by food lovers world wide.  The second picture is the ones that didn’t make it to the table.  I was attracted to this pictures because with the hundreds of sea gulls that soar overhead this garbage remain untouched.  I believe the waste is headed to fertilizer processing plants.