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Adobe Redeemed

Adobe update. This whole thing started January 16th. My Photoshop Elements is now working. What happened was they finally kicked me up a level so that the technician was authorized to go into my computer and search and destroy the problem. My Indian friend only works until 10PM eastern but stuck with me until 10:30Pm. At that point we were in the final stages of the install without any error messages so he was confident that it was going to work. He said he will check in to confirm. I don’t remember his name but my thanks to him.

2 Responses to “Adobe Redeemed”

  1. patty

    Good to learn you got this matter straightened out. Sounds like you just needed a rep who actually cared about the customer.

  2. KarenAnn

    I’m doing a bit of catch-up and am so pleased to hear that your dilema is resolved! Computer software and camera problems are the WORST!

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