Adobe Sucks

This is a follow up to my last story about Adobe. Today I called and spoke to yet again another customer service person. Remember I had downloaded Photoshop Elements so I requested that they send me the disk to which he responded “I will have to charge you.” to which I replied “let me tell about all the reasons why you shouldn’t charge.”. Of course he had to put me on hold. He came back to say he would have to charge the shipping.

So I agreed to pay the $15.75 for shipping. Now we are going to see what happens because if it doesn’t work I am going to be requesting Light Room for the $99 upgrade price. Oh and yes I Tweeted that Adobe Suck hoping that they will pick it up contact me. I know Best Buy monitors every thing said about them on line.

So don’t feel like you shouldn’t forward this around the world.

Stay tuned.

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