Another Day Driving Uber

Yesterday was a Friday and I expected it to be a big day being the beginning of the weekend.  It is usually prime time for Uber drivers but it turned out to be rather slow but I never made it to prime time witch is 1:00AM to 3:AM.  That is when the bars empty and all the people who used Uber to drive in to the bars need Uber to drive them home.  I have been asked many times what happens if someone barfs in my car.  What happens is that I send pictures to Uber for the damage and Uber bills the customer $300 and send me the money so I can have it professionally cleaned. 


Moonlight on Casco Bay
River of Light

What I am finding is that I like the night driving and it is just getting physically prepared for it.  The night time takes on an almost surreal atmosphere.  Those who work the night hours know what I mean.  Time slows down and it is almost more peaceful than the rush and hustle of the daytime.