Another Day in Paradise Ii

We found another location which could be the ideal spot. Right now we are sitting near a buffet which has a bar from which I just got an espresso. On the other side of where I am sitting is the ocean and warm breezes accompany soft Latin Jazz playing in the background.

I am enjoying a time in my life that I have never experienced. I have a new career in insurance sales which hopefully afford me the financial life that will let me and my wife enjoy many more weeks like this. We have been together for more than 15 years and I can say that love is different the second time around. With no blame placed on the first time it is different when the children are out of the home, the finances are better, and there is no major illness to contend with.

I have been with Judy of over 15 years and it has been quite a ride. Judy has the ability to rein me in when necessary and make me laugh. She has let me see the light and I love her for all these things.

When I started the blog it was subtitled ” A Journey Through My Life” and this is one of my very special days.


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