Another Day in Trumpville

So it’s another day in Trumpville.  Did you think that we had gotten to the end of all of the stupid things Donny was going to pull?  Neither did I.  So he apparently gone ahead and shared classified information with the Russians.  It must be true be cause he has stated that because he is the President he is allowed to due that.  I haven’t read it yet but David Brooks of the New York Times wrote today about Trump being like a seven year old.  That of course would be very unkind to most seven year olds that I know.  The fact that he can always can come up with an excuse to jusity his misdeeds is very disturbing.  

I don’t think we are talking about someone that is just doing things polically wrong.  I think we are talking about someone who is just not qualified to be holding the office of the President of the United States.  I think the stress of the job is definitely catching up with him.  Reports of him sitting in the dining room watching TV to find things that anyone might be saing about him either good or bad. This from Times Magazine.  His very demeanor would indicate a man who is uncomfortable in his own skin.  I don’t think I can remember any recent photos of him that he smiles of.  I just watched a video shot of him at a luncheon with a group of world  leaders where he did smile but he seemed so out of place almost with an expression of what the hell am i doing here.  

One hundred days have well past and there doesn’t appear that Trump will ever grow into the job.  There is no indication from anything we know about him that he ever will.  I am betting on his resignation after they begin impeachment proceedings.  He will come up with some lame excuse as to why.  He will still claim a wonderful spectacular legacy as he exits D.C.  Lets hope it’s sooner than later. 

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  1. As a none American it is not for me to say….but from here it looks a very strange situation at times hilarious if it wasn’t so serious. But for an American President he does seem to attract very little respect. I wonder how it will all end ?

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