Another Horrible Killing

So one day later following the horrific events in Newtown,  Connecticut the nation is still 20120901-20120901-IMG_7008.jpgreeling from the senseless killing.  The right is gearing up for another assault on the Second Amendment and the left is renewing a call for tougher gun laws.  My question is why does this keep happening and why does it seem to be escalating? 

I have two thoughts about the issue.  First and I am not blaming the Republicans but near the end of Ronald Reagans term spending was cut on many of the Johnson Great Society programs.  Things like Aid to Dependent Children, Head Start, and mental aid programs were drastically cut and the budgets for community mental health programs and state institutions were slashed.  This put many people with mild to severe mental problems on the street.  

 The other area that I think has become an issue is that we have became a nation walking around with blinders on.  If it doesn’t personally affect me why get involved.  A perfect example would be what happened in a New York  subway last week.  A man was pushed to his death while people stood by and watched hoping that maybe someone else would do something.  A New York Post photographer did manage to grab a picture of the event which was broadcast around the world in minutes. 

So the question I pose is what have any of us not done today that might have prevented a disaster?  Do you suspect someone you know is suffering from spousal abuse?  Do you know of a child that is being abused?  Do you have a neighbor that you think doesn’t have enough to eat or doesn’t have warm cloths to wear, or is acting peculiarly and is close to perhaps taking their own life or perhaps the life of someone else? 

Shuda, woulda, coulda are words that can be very hard to live with after the fact.  In this season of giving lets all try giving more of ourselves.




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  1. I very poignant post which brings up some very important thoughts in the aftermath of the tragic event in Newport. The question is really what can be done to prevent tragedies like this happening again. I don’t think there is one answer to the solution, but starting to care about each other and fellow countrymen would definitely be one of them. More compassion and willingness to help those in dire straits would make a difference in a world where everybody seem more and more to only care for himself or herself.

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