Back Bay Sunset

Sunset on Back Bay

I finished my day looking at the sun set on Back Bay while waiting for to drive people to various destinations in Great Portland.  Watching the sun go down is a peaceful moment before the Saturday evening rush begins.  It is 8:12 P.M.  The first call is from two girls from New York City going to Thompson’s Point Theater for a concert.  Thompson’s Point is a new venue for entertainment and I am not sure of where the access is.  My Google Maps tries to send me on I295 south because it doesn’t recognize that I would have to travel across the water to reach my destination.  But I knew better and got them “close enough”. 

For the rest of the evening it got busier than I had ever experienced.  Red surge areas were popping up all over.  One of my $10 fares turned into $20.  I went back to Thompson’s three more time to pick up people leaving the concert. In one group was a man who was one of the owners of The Slab home of one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had.  Other riders mostly tourist from “away” all thoroughly enjoying there stay in Portland.  Since I have been driving the only complaints have been “I wish we could stay longer”.  I finished my busy evening delivering a nurse going off duty from Seaside Nursing on Baxter Boulevard to the West Side  and finally two you medical residents from Boston finishing their evening in the Old Port and going to South Portland.  It was a very good night.