Bagel & Lox (Gravlax)

At the end of the traditional Yom Kippur fast day most Jews will “break the fast” with a light meal of dairy productsGravlox like pastries, kugel, and bagel and lox. This is my platter of lox or gravlax which I started 2 days before. This is the easiest recipe that I have ever found for this . This time I chose two pounds of King salmon with a thick cut.  What may not be identifiable are capers and dill weed for garnish. 

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One Reply to “Bagel & Lox (Gravlax)”

  1. Looks very tasty and the recipe was interesting to read through! Never gave the parasites a thought before. Good to know! The “light” meal doesn’t sound all that light but very ample indeed…I guess it depends on what kind of meal one is comparing it to. Enjoy!

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