Bill and Donna

I had actually laid off my street photography for a while.  I guess in a way I was tired of the same stories.  Actually they are not all the same.  They are all unique.  On this day I was on my way into city hall when I ran into Bill and Donna looking for a quarter for a cup of coffee.  I said “I’ll do better than that”.  So I reached into my pocket and pulled out a five dollar Dunkin Donuts gift card which I carry with me.  I asked if they minded if I took their pictures.

Bill is an ex-marine who had fallen on hard times.  Donna his friend who is 44 and a drunk.  She is from New York city.  I had a hard time following her story not because she was drunk at the time but she was difficult to follow. It seems that she left home at 17 and has been on the street pretty much since that time.  Some time in the past she found that her older sister was really her mother.

They thanked me for the card and we parted.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Homeless People
Bill & Donna

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  1. Very nice photo, she looks a bit used, he looks resigned, though they do not look unhappy using the term loosely~the gift card is a very good idea

  2. I’m holding out hope for Bill but not sure about Donna. Think she is lucky to have Bill. Your photo is quite revealing of their situation.I concur that the gift card is a great idea for helping them.

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