Birthday Brunch

Today because it was the beginning of my birthday week of celebration we went to one of my favorite places for brunch The Farmers Table on Commercial Street in Portland, Maine.  Because we had some time to wait I decided to fool with my camera and tried some reflection street photography.  Now that I am posting I remember that James Maher a New York photographer and writer and just written about this technique.
In this picture is myself and my wife looking into a store window.  The other bald guy to my right is already seated and eating.  I am so envious.  Could you hurry up fella?


We finally got seated and it was time to order.  Since brunch is a combination of breakfast  and lunch and I hadn’t ordered either I ordered enough to cover both meals.  What you see before me is a really good Bloody Mary with a a water and ice tea chaser.  To the right of the larger plate is a side of sweet potato hash.  The main dish is a Benedict with Hollandaise sauce on an English muffin with baby spinach and Maine lobster and crabmeat.  Yes it was absolutely divine. 

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5 Replies to “Birthday Brunch”

  1. Hi Uncle Bob,

    Really enjoying your blog. I read them every week. I know Sarah’s Adam is a avid photographer so I have continuously forwarded any blog they may interest him. Well now he is also receiving your blog. Anyway thanks for sharing your love of photography and the stories that accompany the pictures.

    Happy Birthday,


  2. Happy belated Birthday Bob! I like the reflection photo but, what caught my attention was your mention of sweet potato hash, sounds yummy. Hope you had a great birthday week!!!

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