I am stuck in my house watching the end  of the northeast blizzard.  I was out before it really got started to really blow yesterday afternoon.  I decided when it started I decided to work on a new timelapse film.  I shot about 750 pictures which so far will account for about 30 seconds of my film.  Today I shot about another 300 shots looking out the back door, doing some shoveling at the car and shoveling on the deck.  I use LRTimelapse for my software.  It is supported by a great book and really clear and concise tutorials. I am still trying to learn the process but it is fun.  Here is a great spot to find some great examples. Timelapseblog .

Anyway my files from Lightroom have finished transferring to LRTimelapse  so time to go back to work.  While I was waiting I found this video of one of my grandchildren on Facebook.  I offer it up for your entertainment.