Born to be Wild

I came across this flock of Canada Geese today.  I approached them to have them take flight.  That wasn’t in their plans today.  They kept moving away the closer I got and finally they took off.   This is week two of the photo challenge and for this series I chose Steppenwolf.


10 Replies to “Born to be Wild”

  1. Fun shots for the theme! Head out on the highway indeed. Did we all look as young as Steppenwolf in 1969??

  2. Nice shots! The canada geese near me don’t fly off when you approach, they just come and peck at you – greedy little things!

  3. Beautiful shots! They are migrating thru Omaha right now…but I have been sick so haven’t been out to see them yet….hopefully they will still be here when I venture out! Love the color and the action you captured in all of these!

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