Boyd–Vietnam Vet

BoydSometimes getting pictures of street people ranks up there with getting a root canal.  Today I went out for breakfast with my wife and I met Boyd getting some sun on Commercial Street in Portland, Maine.  Boyd served in Nam in ‘67 and ‘68.  Now through better living through chemistry is the proud recipient of agent orange related heart decease, high blood pressure and the loss of both legs.  He has also lost two of  his close friends  also because of agent orange. 

Boyd collects $800 per month from disability.  From that he pays $300 for subsidized housing and somehow gets by panhandling.  In congress they give speeches about how we can help our vets.  We haven’t taken care of the Boyd’s from the ‘’60s and ‘70s and now we have another whole new generation of young people that can look forward to the same thing.

I know some of you are asking why didn’t Boyd just get a job when he came home.  I can’t answer that.  The only thing I know is that we broke him and it’s up to us to fix him.

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