Breaking The Rules

I don’t know why but I am feeling a wee bit ornery tonight. I really shouldn’t be feeling that way. I just decided on a new job that I will be starting and someone called before I went out who wants me to take some pictures of her and her husband for their business. So all and i have not had a bad day. At least it wasn’t bad until I got to my writing class and found that the prompts for tonight’s essay was to gathered around smells and breaking the rules.

With that in mind my thoughts were drawn to our nations capital and a rule that I learned as a child share with others. That is a rule that is constantly being ignored by our illustrious leaders. Some thing definitely smells rotten in Foggy Bottom. We have gone from a country that was upward to one that has so many areas that lag behind compared to the rest of the world. We now are near the bottom in infant mortality. We schools are not only old and decaying be we fall way behind in the number of high school graduate who go onto higher learning. We have the most costly health compared to most of the western world. The biggest shame for is that four out of ten children go to bed hungry every night.

So how did we get from going to the moon at any cost to the war on poverty to let’s take 800 billion dollars out of the farm bill and cut most of it out of the food stamp program. While I’m on that topic do you know anyone who has quit their job so they could be subsidized by the government. I don’t think you do. The average family of 4 living on food stamps survives on less than $600 per month. Congressman Ted Cruze would call that living off the fat of the land.

One of the major problems driving this down spin is the entire political system. Let’s look to the benefits of being an elected official in Washington D.C. At the top of the list would be the health benefits. They enjoy one of the best health programs available. They receive tenure like no other. A congressman who serves 6 years or 3 terms gets full retirement benefits which get passed on the spouse at death. An example of this in this state would be Governor John Baldacci. Our judges enjoy the same benefits. I don’t know if you realize but one of the main reasons for the General Motors bankruptcy was because of the enormous debt created by the union pension plans. Other company’s and governments are suffering from the same malady.

Of course I am sure you know that is a small representation of the benefits enjoyed by our lawmakers. With that in mind what does that do to the integrity and forthrightness of these men and women. In order to keep the benefits they need to be reelected and the process begins the day after being sworn in for a new term. That’s the way it is because of the huge amounts of money that needs to be spent to get reelected. There are all kinds of promises that need to be made. I will not get into which side is to blame let me just say that the smell of dog poo is almost equally bad on either side. Wether you have to pander to the extreme right who think that everyone on welfare is stealing or the wackos on the left who want to give everything away the decision making process is usually based on politics and not on policy.

Let’s look at a fictional example. Let’s say your a Republican Congressman from the Bible Belt south. You’ve been in Washington from before 1994 and you were raised in a Christian home and compared to Attila the Hun you are relatively moderate. All of a sudden a new wave of politics are sitting next to you and they are not really in love with the United State because they say we are spending too much money, our deficite is too big and we owe too much money and to remedy this we will through all caution to the wind and we will forget what the economists say and we will shut everything down. Now back to our moderate Republican who wants to keep his postion he now has to pander to these people even it means drastic cuts for every program for the poor. Now he is saying Jesus who and what Christian values?

So here you have my little rant for the evening. I won’t show this to my wife. I may post it to my blog and I hope it makes people think.

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  1. I go on these every once in awhile. In fact, my last one was dealing with this same issue. I’m upset I haven’t paid attention earlier. What these people get away with and expect in return is ridiculous. I’ve made it a point to pay more attention and eventually the people(myself include) have to speak up and make them accountable.

  2. Amen! It’s a disgrace that any child go to bed hungry in our land of plenty. We have a backpack program in our grade schools which tries to make sure that children have a bit to eat on weekends too when their best meals of the week are those that they get in the school lunch program. How the fat cats in Washington can be so hard hearted is beyond my understanding. And don’t get me started on healthcare. After having worked for almost 40 years in healthcare, I have very definite opinions!

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