Cabin Fever

MacroresizedresizedresizedresizedThere is a major blizzard raging outside and I have a major case of cabin fever.  I finished my regular work on the phone and I decided to try out some reverse lens photography.  I don’t have a regular macro lens and the macro capability of the kit lens does not allow for very close macro.  I had tried extension tubes without much success primarily because lack of knowledge.  I did a search for reverse lens macro and came up with this decent tutorial.  I knew that the electronics go away when you reverse the lens so f stop control is lost.  The tutorial explains how to set your f stop.  As you will see you can still control shutter speed and focus.  The shot here is of some fibers from a dusting brush .  The shot was hand held.  Depth of focus is extremely small but there is software called focus stacking which can overcome that. 

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  1. Hi Bob,

    love your wonderful photos you send. Sorry you are stuck in a terrible snow storm. We are thinking about in in Toronto. Thanks for the Birthday wishes.


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