Cancun Bound

Waiting to board American Airlines flight something after a 24 hour delay. Right now I am supposed to be on the beach in Cancun or working at my street photography. Thursday night I checked in to print my boarding passes to find that my flight for Friday morning was canceled. I got no explanation. I can only guess that they were securing the moving passenger seats. While they were busy fixing the seats the forgot to mention the canceled flight so I could save myself a useless trip to the airport.

After a lot of negotiating I finally go ticketed for today’s flight which is now running 15 minutes late for departure. I think American holds the record for the most non-on time flights. What a distinguished record. Since I couldn’t keep my original flight I lost $300 for my non refundable hotel booking for Friday night. I will be taking to American about that.

Anyway it looks like we’re about to board so it’s margaritas by 3.


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