Canoe Making

Last Thursday at 6:30AM I got a request to drive a young man and his friend to Lincoln Academy in New Castle, Me.  It is an unusual request to have to drive someone that far but my VW gets great mileage and his reason for going peaked my interest as well as the extra dollars I would earn. 

The reason for the trip was to meet a friend of his late father to be an apprentice and assist in making a birch bark canoe.  They young man like his father is actually is a member of the Passamaquoddy tribe.  The father had worked with the canoe builder until his death last year. The Passamaquoddy have lived  at the Passamaquoddy River and Cobscook Bays  for thousands of years and became skilled fishermen and harvesters of the sea. 

I believe the canoe itself will run about 15 ft. and when completed it will sell for approximately $14 thousand dollars.  It is completely made by hand using natural birch bark cut and trimmed from natural product.  The wood frame is also hand cut and shaped to fit.  When completed it will be a work of art.