Caring is a Dirty Word



When I'm Down And Out

Does anyone remember the last time I spouted off about the state of the world?  I apologize if you are in the two to three percent of the population that control ninety-five per cent of the wealth in the world.  Is it me or do other people see a trend in this country?  Have we been sucked into the rhetoric that is being used.  “Cut all spending.!”  “Cut all medical spending.”  “Cut all defense  spending.”

The latest plan  being out forth by the Republican Party is to turn the most efficient plan we have, Medicare, into a voucher system.  Instead of what we have the government would contribute 30% toward the cost of private insurance plans.  The 30% would be on a sliding scale with the percentage contributed getting lower through the years.  I guess the goal is to finally end up with even more people uninsured.

Now for the good news.  People 55 or older would get to stay on the existing plan.  That means that people like myself at 68 years old would stay on my present Medicare plan.  People in Congress having reached a term of six plus years would also not be affected.  They would continue to live off the fat of the land as before.  Sucking the very marrow out of the country.  This would include Republicans as well as Democrats.

So why you ask am I upset?  The gentleman at the top of this article is not a self portrait.  He is just another victim of circumstances and a lot of people not at the top move closer to where he sits today.  I have answers but what do I know about caring.

5 Replies to “Caring is a Dirty Word”

  1. Keep speaking out. . .we can no longer be silent about the assault on the middle class. . .It makes no sense to give the rich tax breaks at the expense of the less fortunate. I am ashamed Paul Ryan is from Wisconsin. . .

  2. I work for disability determination services. I used to be a pediatrician at an inner city clinic. Every day, I deal with people who can no longer work because they have no access to health care. On Friday, a guy of 46 who couldn’t afford his blood pressure meds and had a major stroke. It makes no sense and it makes me sick at heart. I’m with you.

  3. To whom more is given, more is expected….but those people seem to be denying that… I am a pharmacist and have to deal with the inequities in health care and the haves and have nots every hour that I spend in the pharmacy. The big insurance companies are in charge and the legislators seem to be giving them more and more power. Very disheartening…am hoping these last efforts by those who are so out of touch with the majority of people’s needs will provide the motivation that the middle class needs to get some real reform accomplished by way of cleaning out Congress in our next election. We need to get some creative thinkers working FOR us and not against us…especially in the area of that basic right of decent affordable health care.

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