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Carol & Carol

I met this couple in Sedona, Arizona while my wife and I were eating  lunch at a golf club near where we were staying.  I noticed that Carol, the one on the bottom was actively taking pictures while awaiting the arrival of their meals.  We discussed her photography and I told her about the 100 Stranger project and asked if I could take their pictures. 
Carol II, the one on the top is a physician with a general practice.  She is avid avid golfer.  Carol I in addition to being a photographer is a nurse now working as a unit supervisor at hospital in Ohio where they live.  The couple has been together for many years. 

This picture is #29 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at

Carol and Carol

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  1. Karen

    This would’ve made for a difficult living situation in years past with land phone lines to answer and not know which Carol was needed…especially with all the calls a physician receives at home (I know…my Dad was a surgeon) With everyone having his/her own cell phone now, the confusion is diminished, I’m sure. You have really photographed a very diverse group of strangers thus far and you’re only at #29! Such an interesting project to follow.

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