Casco Bay

So Sunday I took some time off for photography.  I went up to one of my favorite state parks, Wolf Neck State Park.  The plan was to shoot some time lapse photography.  So with a stop at a nearby market I loaded up with a great sandwich and some drinks and proceeded to the park.  As you will see the4 weather was perfect.  I set up my camera to run continuously for an hour and sat down to eat and read a book with my iPad.  Beyond that I just had to watch time go buy enjoy the food and the reading while the camera clicked off 750 shots.  No heavy lifting for this job.
Now for the technical.  I need to find out how to insert title slides into the clip.  I chose some music which was more calypso than down east.  I got the music from .  I paid about $49 for more than 77 songs which is cheap.  When I upload them to YouTube I have to find a way to attribute the music which is why I need the credits at the end.  If anyone know how please let me know.  In the mean time I hope you enjoy.  

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  1. First I didn’t expect to see such a gorgeous water side in Wolf Neck S Park, and this time lapse photography is very new to me and this is a wonderful introduction, the music you chose goes well…now I want to learn TLP ; 0

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