Circus Time

Yesterday was a little unusual.  I had set up an appointment to meet one of my customers on the coast in the small town of Boothbay, Maine.  He is a well driller and I was going to over some of my internet marketing tools.  It was a beautiful day and I was looking forward to meeting with him in spite of the hour and a half drive.  It was in a beautiful part of Maine.  He was going to call if he got tied up. 

Anyway I had nothing else planned except that I would be picking up some plants at a place that specializes in hostas and I would also get a lobster roll.  I got the plants than I went to where I was going to meet him and as I went around a corner in the road there on the side were two camels.  Now camels are not indigenous to Maine and as I looked further I saw the tents and a circus was being set up. 

To make a long story short I checked my phone and found out the customer call stuck at his last appointment.  But since I always have my camera here are a few shots of the circus being set up.  And Oh yes I got my lobster roll.

CIRCUS from Robert Rosen on Vimeo.




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  1. How exciting to have the circus come to town with its own tent in the summertime. The atmosphere is so much more wonderful than the ones we have in the area in winter.

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