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Cruise Day 4

This is day 4 of our cruise. We departed from Port Canaveril on Saturday at 3PM and landed on Nassua the following day at noon. Made at tour of the island with Rich Brody an ex tour guide who really had a good insight into the island and it’s people. Any thoughts that I had a out economic conditions were quickly dispelled by Rich. I found out that the Bahamas have a very strong middle class and that people live well enjoying the riches associated with a middle class.

Unfortunately the pictures I took were downloaded to my laptop and deleted before I could get them downloaded to iPad so I will have to show them in future posts. We are now approaching St. THomas. For another fun day of shopping and frivolity.

We have become friendly with some very nice people and we will promise to stay in touch and follow up but it will never happen because that is the way life is. In the mean time we enjoy each others company’s and it helps pass the time. Judy and her ex made life long friends with people they met on their honeymoon but that is rare. Mostly friends you meet in passing are like the friends you meet in school who sign your year book and you never see or hear from them again.

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  1. KarenAnn

    Sad that these friendships are so brief. Never enough time, is there? But maybe that’s why these friendships are so easily made…because there are no obligations to keep in the future.

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