Danger Will Robinson!!!

Do you remember Robby the Robot from the sixties T.V. series  Lost in Space?  We are less than three months from electing a new president.  Are you feeling the same frustration that I am?  Do you feel secure in your decision to elect either Romney or Obama?  When I say do you fell safe are you really all in for either of the candidates or are you just repeating what I do which is voting for the lesser of two evils? 
When you look at whose running this time You may see different people then I see.  When I look at the last four years I see a presidential term that started out in recession and over 9% unemployment and a car industry going down the tubes.  Now I see unemployment down a miniscule 1%, a saved car industry showing a profit,  a new health plan which promises to cover about 40 million people get coverage and cost the country less money, and a dead Osama Bin Laden.  
Now lets see whose running for president.  We have Obama.  A likeable person but without the cojones (look it up) to stand up for what he has accomplished and then we have Romney, a mean son of a bitch, who actually developed a health plan  but refuses to admit that it works and if it does it will only work for Massachusetts.
On top of this entire mess we have Congress. Since I can’t remember when these Democrats, Republicans, and Independents have decided to hold America hostage so they can get reelected and reelected over and over again while the country goes down the tube.  By the way I heard someone say that 2013 will be more of the same. 
My solution?  Once more I will use right to vote and not show up.  My one non-vote will not make a difference but what if we all didn’t show up?
 My usual disclaimer: My wife was busy and couldn’t proof this.

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4 Replies to “Danger Will Robinson!!!”

  1. I just heard some of Romney’s champagne from last night, at least Obama will keep you out of the time of witch hunts, tunnel vision, fanatical religious views and sliding back into the frightful middle ages…Romney sounds down right frightening and I’d vote just to keep him and his kind far far from Washington as I could…

  2. Politics is not very high on my agenda, but every night I tune into what’s happening in the US elections through cable TV just to get a little fix on how the game is played over there in the US. My money’s on Obama, no reason other than better the devil you know.

  3. And it has gotten worse in the interim since you made these initial comments…My husband and I vote regardless of how hopeless it looks…we’d hate to be the 2 votes that break the election. After hearing the latest 47% comments out of the mouth of Romney, I’d hate for him to be elected.

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