Daniel & Sanabia

DanielToday was a special day.  I had been told that a good place for street photography would be Market 23.  Market 23 was a place that tourists would go to purchase souvenirs and local craft.  With the creation of Market 28, a much more upscale flea market 23 became a place where the locals would gather and buy everyday items such as produce.   My wife was not thrilled for me to go by myself but I convinced her that it would be safe. 
So armed with my camera and notebook I boarded the R1 bus which would take me from the Hotel Zone to the market. After buying a café from Ramon who runs a Taco stand. From here I ventured deeper in to the market.  Since I hadn’t eaten yet I decided to find somewhere to find some breakfast.  Ahead I saw a busy restaurant that looked like it could  be good.  I don’t know much Spanish but I can say Huevos Rancheros which I did. 
This is where the story gets interesting.  A couple sitting at a table near me beckoned for me to join them at their table. I sat down and ordered.  We then began  to exchange our stories.  Daniel works for American Airlines as a supervisor for the ground crew.  Sanabia works out of her house selling advertising specialty items and is working on her real estate license.  They have 4 beautiful children. 
Now this is where the story becomes remarkable.  Do you know how when you meet strangers that you will become instant friends?  Have you ever been in a situation where there is an instant bond?  That’s what happened to me and Daniel and Sanabia.  I know that although there will be hundreds of miles separating us that we will remain true friends.  

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