Day 4 for real.

We are traveling on the bus north to Gallalee and other areas. Currently looking at desert which has it’s own beauty. I’m looking at large fluffy clouds which for a photographer is good because it breaks up the sky in contrast to the beige color of the desert. It is very scarce with little vegetation. Scattered throughout we pass agricultural settlements. Most of the crops are grown in the winter and then export to Europe.Herdsm of sheep can be found everywhere and an occasional camel. In the summer months the temperatures can reach 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

After a brief rest stop. We are on our way. There were soldiers where we stopped. The ever present soldiers. They are so young like soldiers everywhere. Because Israel is always on alert they are always about. Some of them carry M-16s. Israel has a mandatory conscription and both boys and girls are required to sign up for a minimum of three years.

After about an hour we arrived at Bet She’ An and the Bet She’ An National Park. It was a settlement that began in the fifth millennium B.C.E. In 1920 an entire Roman city was discovered buried and preserved in mud following a great earth quake. Restoration has been ongoing since that time. We climbed to the top of the tell or hill where the remains of a Roman temple is located plus an incredible view of the Jordan valley.

Next we arrived in Tiberius, once a major Roman City. Tiberius is on the Gallalee Sea which is actually a fresh water inland lake fed by the Jordan River. Here we had lunch and then moved north again.

Here are a few shots from today.