Day Two of Retirement

A view of Indian Head Island, Portland, MaineToday was an example of what retirement must be and if this is what it’s like I am going to have to do some major adjustments. I started off buy looking at my Facebook “like” page. What’s amazing is that after 5 years of selling Facebook pages I don’t know a lot about it. I did manage to contact some friends and invited the to like me on Facebook and my count quickly from 43 likes to 63 likes. Next I can work on getting my links to up and running. This would be my on-line store which if you are so inclined to visit it don’t feel like any of you are obligated to buy but I’m not doing this for the hell of it anymore.

The rest of the day has been filled with walks, helping a little and I mean a little putting stuff away in the new kitchen cabinets. Then I started a couple of racks of St. Louis ribs and a whole chicken. That is comprised of the prep work for about 15 minutes and watching the smoker so nobody steals it for 6 hours. If anyone is within traveling distance, this will be ready by 6:00PM, and you are welcome to stop by. Mind you we don’t have a kitchen so we will be eating camping style.

Finally I sat down to write for a little bit and process a picture in insert in the post. This is a scene from Casco Bay with a view of Indian Head Island. I would not swear to the name except for the rock projection on the left side of the island. Of course today it would be called Native American Island.