Do You Love Greek Food?

I love Greek food and if you love Greek food then come with me to Emilitsa  while I tempt you with a great Greek meal.  First we started with tzatzik, a combination of cucumber, dill and Greek yogurt.  Next was  kefalograviera meh syka saganak a pan fried cheese with with baby Turkish balsamic peppered figs. 

Now for the main course.  The previous dishes I grabbed off the on-line menu.  some of the dishes that we had changed so I will just try to describe what we had from memory.  My wife had chicken she described the flavors as intense and beautiful,  My daughter had the grilled lamb which I know from tasting it was some of the best lamb I have ever had. Grilled Lamb It was done to perfection and was so tender.  Her friend had halibut again perfectly prepared.  For me I chose the pan seared rabbit.  Trust me when I tell you it didn’t taste like chicken.  It was stuffed with fennel and other herbs with a taste that was right of heaven. 

The desert menu gave a varied selection and the wine list was extensive.  We picked out a couple of good whites to complete the meal and I not to offend our hosts finished my meal with a glass of ouzo.  The ambiance was pleasant.  The wait staff was attentive but not overbearing.  Our host John Rigas made us feel at home and I can’t wait to go back. 

Emilitsa is is located at 547 Congress Street in Portland, Maine (207) 221-0245.

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  1. I love G cuisine but nothing like the above exists in the S of France…Victoria, BC Canada tho also has some of the finest Greek restaurants on the West’ve made me jealous and homesick…

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