Economy Class Cruise

IMG_8299.00_05_13_17.Still001What can expect from an economy class cruise.  First plan on sitttng through a many hour presentation for a time share.  No we did not buy another one.  We came close but calmer heads prevailed.  Next we got to the boat and got checked in. We started down the passage way to our cabin and in see that the number we are looking for are on the inside of the ship and their is no way we are getting a balcony let alone a window.  Sure enough the inside cabin has no window and I am suddenly back in the tunnel in Israel in the tunnel having an attack of clostrophobia.  So we had to go off the ship to someone from the marketing company who said since they are totally booked we will have to write to the company and request a refund.  So I am confident we will get back our $200.  I didn’t sleepon deck but I was tempted to.  

So I said it was an economy class cruise.  Remember these companies call a lot of people and lot of people sign up.  Many of them will neverr be signing up for a $2000 cruise.  Many were very young, old, and financially  challanged.  Last night we did see some really good entertainment.  The food is passable and today if we want to get off the ship it would cost $80 to be bussed 11 miles to the nearest beach.  Oh yes if we want to go ashore and do some limmited shopping in the areawe were warned not to use credit cards because there has been a lot of identity theft. 

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  1. oy, sounds like fun…not! Great pictures, keep them coming. I can live vicariously through you guys as it is going to be zero degrees tonight in this God awful place……

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