Eddy From Denton Texas

EddyToday I had the pleasure to meet Eddy from Denton, Texas.  Eddy was trying to catch some rays on Commercial Street in Portland, Maine.  I was doing my usual stroll looking for Eddy’s and finding out what stories they had for me. 

I spotted Eddy standing with the aid of a walker in front of a building which was perfect for reflecting the warmth of the sun.  He had been waiting for me or anyone who would give him some money which I was more than willing to part with.  I took my picture and got Eddy’s story. 

Eddy had arrived in Portland from Texas about two days before.  He had come here with the help from some friends who told life in Maine was good.  Eddy said “life in Maine is good, if you’re used to 39 degrees and your not sleeping in a sleeping bag hidden from the cops down by the Maine State Pier.”  I guess Eddy’s trip to Maine was not well thought out.

In better times, in Texas, Eddy had been a baker.  He had been making those “split loaf breads’ until his spine gave him trouble and  couldn’t stand long enough to knead the dough.  So after being unemployed for a while he ran into these wonderful friends who promised him a better life.

Now Eddy has about thirty dollars towards the nine-nine dollars he will need to get back to Texas.  Eddy did have a little liqueur on his breath but he was speaking clearly so I make no judgment.  I just wished Eddy well and went on my way.

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2 Replies to “Eddy From Denton Texas”

  1. Your heart for the Eddy’s of the world shows through loud and strong. Hope he got his travel money together and is back in warm Texas.

  2. You are such a kind person and wear your heart on your sleeve. A good example for the rest of us! Hope Eddy found his way “home”.

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