Edgecomb, Maine

When I am not going on about the state of the union I have to drop anchor for a while…figuratively speaking that is.  One of my favorite places is Cod Harbor in Edgecomb Maine. This salt marsh is on the opposite of the road from the actual harbor. It is a great photo opportunity because the view is ever changing. On a busy day there is a little space to pull off the narrow road and take a few moments to just enjoy the view.

cod harbor marsh


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One Reply to “Edgecomb, Maine”

  1. Very interesting scene..we have a lot of sloughs/marshes especially this year with so much precip in the prairie pothole region (as they call us). I’d like to see your area someday as I’m sure my husband would as his other job is as a conservationist managing watershed areas in our and neighboring counties. An ag engineer by degree, a farmer by occupation, he’d love to see how things were handled in the NE. I’d like to smell some salt air and hear some crashing waves myself. But it’s a long ways from the middle of the country!

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