Everything New Again

This is one thing that is new.  I am using the standard WordPress editor with new plugins from http://www.joshlobe.com/  I am still learning how to use it as you can see.  The other new thing is Windows 8.  Some day I may like it.  Because of Windows 8 I had to re-install all my software.  That took a certain amount of time but I had no choice because my laptop had crashed requiring me to restore all my files.  Fortunately I use Carbonite and they were very helpful getting it done.  Lastly I lost my catalogs in Lightroom but good news I was able to build a new catalog trying not to make the same mistakes I did before.  This time I am proceeding slowly.

The good news is Maya Corinne Evangeline Goldberg.   She is our twelfth grandchild and the fifth child of the parents Karen and Lee.  Things will be a little different there now. Here is the little one only about an hour old with the proud grandmother. 

Maya Number Twelve


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