FaceBook TMI or Why I Never Want to be on Foodstamps

untitledAn acquaintance of mine felt it necessary to report his activity on Facebook.  Today he wanted the world to know that he was grocery shopping at a local grocery chain and he was offended that the man in front of him was checking out and he had purchased 2 rib-eye steaks, $20 worth of Shrimp, 2 packs of Red Bull, and some other items and the bill came to $72 which was paid for by EBT or food stamps.

I know you must be sitting there totally disgusted.  How the government can actually allow such frivolity with your money.  This recipient of the SNAP program receives a whopping $145 per month.  Next year it will go up to $195 per month.  No doubt he will be adding lobster to his Surf and Turf. 

Now that brings me to this.  (1) I don’t give a shit what the guy is buying and (2) I don’t give a shit that the guy who posted this vital information is doing either.  Some people get so wrapped up watching what everyone is doing they lose sight of the fact that the numbers of children that go hungry every night is growing way beyond what should be acceptable.  I would so like to see anybody try to get along on $145 per month of groceries.  In a family of 4 the amount actually goes down to $110 per person.  So that’s my rant for today. 

What’s said is I don’t know anything about the guy who was using the food stamps and neither does my judgmental friend.  For all I know he may be holding down 3 part-time jobs or maybe it’s his kids birthday and he just wanted to splurge a little.  The source for my information can be found on this government site. 



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  1. It is a sad fact that in this so called ‘informed world’ we fail to understand. Here in the U.K. the same judgemental attitude appears all too often…..mind you it doesn’t help when we have a Government that pretends to care yet seems to build up animosity to those who have to rely on Welfare. True there are a few freeloaders but the vast majority need it simply to exist. I was always told to be generous with what I might have in my pocket …..but above all be generous with both my thoughts and sympathy

    1. People don’t realize that our social programs are less than 1% of our gross national product. Our really big welfare programs are at the top such as tax breaks to oil companies and the farm subsidies to the big agri-business.

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