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Free Energy

This is Robert Joy. Robert is another one of the street people who hang out in the plaza near the Eastland Park Hotel. The hotel is located in the Portland, Maine art district. Robert has a story to tell. It was a little hard to follow but he has graphics to accompany his Joy Ride project. As one can plainly see Joy Ride project will finally free us from foreign dependence on oil. As you can see Robert Joy is concerned and cares a lot for his fellow man. When I left Robert I handed him a dollar. He thanked me and said he would give it to charity. I left Robert with a smile on my face.

This picture is #31 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at

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3 Responses to “Free Energy”

  1. KarenAnn

    I always have such mixed emotions when I view these street people who are so happy (or at least seem so happy) with their life. It is beyond me how they can live in their moment and not seem to worry about all the other things in life that we in the mainstream seem to. Like where am I going to get my next meal, next bed for the night, what happens if I get sick or someone beats me up. I feel sad and happy for them all at the same time! He has a very beautiful smile!

  2. Christina, Sweden

    Karen Ann says it all and so much better than me so I just agree 100%
    and he sure looks happy ansd as he knows exactly how to make the most of each moment

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