Friends Helping Friends

I was actually going to get off my computer for the day when I saw this from one of my friends on Facebook.  This is too good a story not to re-post.  I hope you enjoy it. Remember it’s not so much about what Air Canada didn’t do it’s about what West Jet did. 

ANYONE BOOKING A FLIGHT PLEASE TAKE A QUICK READ. A friend of mine just lost her brother to cancer, he was on his way to see his father one last time but didn’t make it all the way there. Him and his girlfriend made it as far as Halifax and got really sick, his daughter went to be with him, but all he wanted was to go back to Ontario to die. So she wanted to make his last wish and she phoned Air Canada and explained the situation, but they where only worried about the risk of him dying on one of their planes. She than phoned West Jet who asked her if they could call her back, which they did. They informed her they were going to fly her dad his girlfriend and her free of charge and even took care of a pet transporter for their dog. The ambulance pick them up and transported them to the airport and then again to the hospital when they reached Ontario all paid for by West Jet. They said the service they got while on the plane was beyond what anyone would expect. So if at all possible Please use West Jet, we need to support these kind of companies that show compassion like this.

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