From the Horses Mouth

Horse in field giving opinionPerhaps someone out their could help me out with a question.  The majority of people when asked how they feel about the Affordable Care Act answer to the positive.  On the other hand if you ask how people feel about Obama Care they are suspicious and threatened by it.  They think they don’t want the government telling them that they need to buy it. 

For the past six years the Republicans, driven by the wacky Tea Party, have set as their main goal to be sure that Barack Obama does not collect on the legacy Obama Care. They claim it will drive up the deficit, it will cost the country jobs, and it will drive up the cost of medical spending.  The truth is that the deficit is down, jobs are up and medical costs are down.  That leaves one more little item which has been uncovered.  Some Republicans are actually saying that if they allow Obama Care to come into existence the people might actually like it and we will never be able to get rid of it. 

While all this has been going on the Republicans have lost site of the fact that this country needs jobs, a stronger middle class, and a total revamping of our education.  This does not mean killing every job bill put forth and it doesn’t mean tearing down the public school system and replacing it with a lame voucher system.   


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  1. A sorry state of affairs…our congress, that is! Think about some of the “little” consequences of the government shut-down…those who have saved for years for a trip to this country’s beautiful national parks are “locked out” as is my husband from his workplace. He isn’t a federal worker but his desk is in an office that is shut-down. Too bad those congress people don’t have their healthcare benefits shut down for triple the time that they have this country held hostage.

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