Genocide – Always Ready to Raise it’s Ugly Head

DemonstratorsThe other day while on a morning Uber run I picked up a young man Jean from Rwanda.  He was on his way to The University of Southern Maine in Portland, Maine where he has been studying Biology.  I asked him if he will stay in the United States?  He said he will return to his home in Rwanda because he could be of more use there.  In 1994 he was four years old.  That was the beginning of the genocide  and holocaust  carried out by the Para-Military Hutu against the minority Tutsi.  It is  estimated that 800, 000 Tutsi were killed.  That was the year that Jean mother was killed.   In 2016 Rwanda indicted several high ranking general from the French army with the belief that they were implicit. 

Holocaust and genocide activities are not unique only to what happened to the Jews in the forties.  They same thing occurred in Cambodia following the Viet Nam War and again in Cameroon in the 70’s when 10,000 Cameroonians were slaughtered by the Cameroon Army assisted again by the French. 

Today we are not yet looking at an officially declared genocide in Syria but these people are being slaughtered and that is the reason why the world has to pay attention.  Because of an unwarranted fear of terrorism this country is once again dragging it’s feet. I say once again because this is not the first time we have closed our golden doors to people in need. We usually do this because the ones in need are either not of the right color or religion. 

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  1. It is too easy to watch the TV News then go on about our own daily lives. We also have a strange way of looking at events. The tragic terror attack on London is an example…worldwide headlines and condemnation. Yet in Syria, and several areas in Africa many, many more folk were killed…even in the USA on that same day there was more than one random shooting and the numbers killed added up to I believe over 30. But the media gives wall to wall coverage to one mans deranged and tragic actions. Then time passes and apart from the poor soles directly involved, the rest of the of us carry on as if nothing has happened.

    1. Those are excellent points David. I think our response to 911 was overblown. We sucked Great Britain into that one and screwed up another generation of young men and women. In the end we took down Ben Laden with only a few men.

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