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Good Food

Tonight I tried a new recipe from an online site that I found a few weeks ago. It is called Pescado Encacado or fish with coconut sauce.. This is the third dish I have made from the site and each were excellent. I noticed on the picture that I didn’t clean up around the plate but the colors are true and the food was great. If you don’t like cilantro which I do you could substitute basil. The fish that was suggested is halibut but at $18.00/Lb I settled for hake.


3 Responses to “Good Food”

  1. Jacki

    Great presentation of what looks like a very appetizing dish, I won’t take any points of for not cleaning up the plate before the photo, LOL

  2. KarenAnn

    A very colorful dish and the ingredient list sounds appealing. The best fresh fish around here is perch or other small species from our local lakes. Usually there is ice fishing this time of year but with our balmy temps this year, the ice is not to be trusted yet.

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