Grand Canyon in Black & White

I was sitting here thinking that there is nothing I can do to improve on my images from the  Grand Canyon when I would do some post processing. I know purest cringe at the thought of doing anything to your pictures after they are shot. For those people I would like too introduce you to the pinhole camera. I am reminded of a shot taken with a pinhole camera by the noted photographer Irving Penn. Even with that bit of ancient technology he had to decide how long to expose the film.

Anyway this is not exactly an Ansel Adams print but it is black and white. I am using a new  Topaz Labs plug in called Black and White Effects. I haven’t even scratched the surface of the possible combinations of variable settings. In fact I haven’t even read the manual.


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4 Replies to “Grand Canyon in Black & White”

  1. This must be how the people back East first viewed this spot after it was discovered and first written about and cameras were available to capture it. I like the effect.

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