Happy Independence Day






This is the second time I have tried to write this.  The title was the same but the content disappeared into somewhere.  Now I have to try to remember what I was writing about.  What pisses me off is that it was important stuff.  You may not think it was important when you eventully read it but trust me it was very important.

So here goes.  I remember that I was talking about approaching 75 years of age and that it wasn’t such a big deal but then I remembered that when I was in my fifties I thought 75 was ancient and that was the average age that men living until which meant that at 50 I only had about 25 years to go if I was average.  But then at 50 I was anything but average and now at 75 I am certainly not average.  You might look at me and say “I think he’s very average” and I would look at you and think some expletive deleted and not really tell you what I thought.  Right!!

But I digress.  What I was thinking about was what was I going to do with the rest of my life now that I have another 25 years to go? Now you are thinking the guy is bat shit crazy!   You may be a little bit right about that but you see I have decided to live to 100 which is 25 more years and at that time I will be honored by Al Roker on the Today Show because I will have made it to the Smuckers Jam jar. It will go something like this.  “Today we honor Robert Rosen who turns 100 years of age today and still enjoys pissing off his remaining friends with his poltical stories.

Do you still think I’m crazy?  Well here is what I think I will be doing in my retirement.  My plan is to continue to drive for Uber and Lyft.  You see everyday is different.  One day I had a kid in my car from Rewanda.  He was four when his mother was killed in the genocide.  Today he attends USM studying Biology.  I have had a man who was breaking up with his girlfriend and asked what I thought he should do?  I had a young woman from the Congo studying to be a hair dresser.  I have had straights, gays, transexuals all with different stories to tell all different and all good.  I look forward to geting up each day for the next adventure.

I have contemporaries who tell me about their ailments that they accept of their age.  I have a few aches and pains.  I’ve had them for a while but I will not let them define me. I have the genes to go the twenty-five so why not?  Twenty-five years is a long time.  It’s an entire generation.  In that time I can write the novel I have always wanted to write.  Maybe my photography will catch on and I may finnaly sell some.  Whatever I do I know I will continue to learn from everything around me and I will always be curious about what is over that next hill.


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  1. I turn 75 this year and wonder why when I was 50 that 75 sounded so old. I reality I still feel like 21 (well maybe 23) and just so long as I don’t look in the mirror that is fine. As to the future…well for my part I intend to keep having fun, forget yesterday, make some plans for the future but live for today. The only sour note is that I am now more fearful of the future for all of us than I have ever been.. Two looney leaders in charge, one in USA the other in North Korea both prodding each other with a long stick and nasty words. Dictator’s in Russia, China and the Middle East, instability in dangers areas where we have caused war and reaped havoc, leaving a vacuum that has been filled with terrorists. Politicians the world over more bothered about infighting within their own political spectrum that they ignore the real issues that effect us all. Does anyone know what they are collectively doing……. Well you said it was important stuff 🙂

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