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Hard Times without Photoshop Elements

IMG_2024 - Copy-Edit-2Last Sunday something happened to my Photoshop Elements.  Surprisingly Adobe Tech Service doesn’t realize that the weekend is  a time when most of us don’t work.  So imagine my delete when I found that Adobe doesn’t work  on weekends either.  And so began my five nights in row on the phone with a different tech each one giving me the same non-working solution each and every night.  By Friday night I had uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop Elements 10 no less than  at least  10 different times all with the same disappointing results.  After each at the end of the call I did get “is there anything else I can help you with ?”  and a cheerful “Thank you for calling Adobe.” 

Don’t think that I didn’t think ahead.  While this was going on I had previously successfully downloaded Photoshop Premiere Elements the video version of Elements.  So with that information in I hand I said to myself, because I was by myself, the Adobe tech doesn’t count, “Why not try and download and Adobe Light Room?”   And that is exactly what I did.  Now I only have to convince Adobe that I not going to pay anymore than the $99 for the upgrade price.  As a bonus the Topaz Labs plugin integrate more easily than with Elements. 

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  1. patty

    Don’t you cringe when customer service reps ask that question especially when they haven’t resolved the reason why you called them in the first place!
    (sorry, I’m reading your posts backwards)
    Feeling your frustration with the pse issue. Do they have a ‘patch’ for this version?

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