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Heading Home

Heading home. What an amazing family weekend. Went to the wedding of my great niece. How can I describe the wedding? First my great niece Sarah is an amazing young women. While most of her age group were doing the safe and traditional she was Sarah was preparing for a life studying in China where she mastered either Mandarin or Cantonese. She spent a lot of time traveling in the far east. I kind of lost track of her for a while. You know how families can be. I know she met her husband here in Toronto. He followed her to China. His job took him to Prague where they will settle at least for a while.

Now to the wedding. Imagine you are ushered into a huge hall with wooden beams. It had a very rustic look. On the way in you received bags of pop corn and ice tea. The room was packed with folding chairs and seating along one wall. On the front wall was a large screen T.V. which was playing the latest Muppet movie. All the while the wait staff was passing around delicious hors dourves.

Now for the main event the ceremony. I don’t remember music but it was not your traditional bridal processional. First the flower girls danced down the aisle followed by the groomsmen accompanying the brides maids also dancing. Then you guessed it the the parents accompanying the groom also were quite animated as well the bride with her parents. Heh! We’re talking nontraditional here.

Nontraditional stopped at the ceremony. This was more in line with what one would expect with the traditional Jewish wedding. There was the chuppa (look it up), the blessing of the wine, the exchanging of the vows and rings and the breaking of the glass (look it up).

Next came the clearing of the chairs and everyone was out of the building where one of the photographers attempted to take a group shot of over 200 people. Then back inside. At this point tradition departed. There were no tables with the traditional mints. There was no over or under cooked chicken breast. Instead you were greeted with a free spirit event punctuated with endless appetizers of varying variety and an open bar. There were food stations with delicious items not of the usual fare and there was music and dancing with the decibels pumped up so high.

So now I am coming to end. The bride was gracious and loving and I am so glad I didn’t miss it..
And now some shots of the bride and groom. Sorry Sarah




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  1. lynn

    great story, sounds like my kind of wedding, fun photos

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