Heading Home

We are on a U.S. Airways flight on the last leg of our trip back to Portland. We both agreed it was one of the best trips we have taken. We got sucked into the magic that is Sedona. There is no possible way I can describe the feeling that you get when you first see Red Rock Country.

The thing is that the rocks are alive. Their colors change throughout the day. They can change from a drab deep brown in the shadows to a bright red as they take on fire in a setting sun. Did I mention the faces? As you drive by them or sit near them their faces become evident. There are old men’s faces. There are women’s faces. If you allow them to they will talk to you and impart their wisdom. The rocks are alive. Many who have experienced these feelings will attest to this.


2 Replies to “Heading Home”

  1. I remember feeling intrigued with this area when seeing copies of Arizona Highways Magazine as a young girl at my grandfather’s house. I’ve never been farther than Santa Fe,NM but would love to see this area you have pictured. NA culture has always interested me especially their views on “God”, Mother Nature and the stories told. Am hoping these places remain preserved so that all may see their majesty and mystery.

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