Holiday Ribs

RibsMy daughter and her husband were stopping by and had requested ribs for dinner.  I make really great ribs but I am always looking for a new rub.  I looked on line and found Chuck Ozburn. The recipe called for spreading yellow mustard over the ribs and then sprinkle the rub all over.  The rub includes  smoky paprika, sugar, cayenne, salt, and  pepper.  I wrapped the ribs and let them sit for about 4 hours.  Next I put them on the gas grill and started smoking them for 4 hours.  Try to keep the temperature to about 200 degrees.  When the bones start to pull away from the bone they are done.  I serve the sauce on the side. 

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  1. Even though we just had ribs yesterday, your recipe sounds sooo good. I used Emeril’s recipe for rib rub and took the easy way out by pre-cooking in the oven and then onto the gas grill at the end. (And Stella enjoyed the bones!)

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