HomelessToday I stopped at a convenience store between appointments.  On the way in I noticed a young man leaning against the wall.  I passed him again on the way to my car and he asked if I had thirty five cents.  I was kind of expecting him to ask for money.  I was a little shocked at the amount.  I said I would give him some money if he would let me ask him some questions and take his picture.  I told him the picture was going to be used in a book I was publishing about the homeless. 
He agreed and I went to get my camera.  He told me his name was Carl and he thought he was from a town up north but his family had moved when he was young.  Now he had been living in a nearby town to where we were.  Carl said that he was homeless because his father had thrown him out of his house.  Now the story deepened. 
The reason he was homeless was because he was a convicted sex offender because of porn that was found on his computer,  I asked him how they had found it and he said “because I had a flash back to when my father had abused me when I was younger”.  What he had done was turned in his father who then kicked him out and the police found porn on Carl’s computer and they arrested him. 
I asked him when was the last happy time in his life?  He told me “when I was with my mother.  She died two years ago from cancer.  She was forty-nine”. 

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