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Cagney & Hope

Today something a little different.  Today I mean to entertain.  Yesterday I spent too much time following the New Hampshire primaries.  I heard a women say that she was “so disillusioned by the whole thing “.  There was Ron Paul an avowed racist wanting to have the United States pull back all ties to the world and the people of the United states by pulling back to a non presence in anything social.  How are you at repairing your own stretch of road.

Then I listened to Rick Santorum.  Rick remembers a speech given by the only Catholic president the country has know.  Kennedy was stressing the importance of the separation of church and state.  Rick’s response was “It made me sick to my stomach.  Kennedy literally threw the Catholic Church under the bus”.

So I got to thinking about patriotism.  Call me crazy but they led me to thinking about James Cagney and George Cohan and Yankee Doodle Dandy.  That brought to singing songs from that great movie.  It cleared my head and got me away from all the filth of the political campaigns.  So here is a little gift to you today and anytime your feeling a little down go to You Tube punch your favorite and have a little laughter and a smile.

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