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I Am Not Happy

What do you think about the direction our leaders are taking the United States? How worried are you that what has taken place over the last three years could be leading this country into the worst depression that the world has ever seen?

In case you doubt it the goals of the Republican party have been to make sure that President Obama never see a second term as President of the United States. This was stated time and time again by Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.    . That means for three years the Republicans blocked, cajoled, and bad mouthed the president at every twist and turn that Obama has made. This has made for a very dangerous three years. Just imagine that that when it came to vote for the health plan that not one member of the Republican House could find anything of merit in the bill. Instead they stood in lock step, one hundred percent of them, and voted a resounding no.

Obama Care or as it used to be called, Romney Care, had in its purpose to make sure that no one would slip through the cracks and would receive proper health care due to them. The State of Massachusetts has the most children with health care than any other state in the union. It’s not perfect but it is better than what the rest of the country has.

Now it’s time to do some homework. Look back in history and see what period in time was the country the healthiest? Was it when the country spent more and we had full employment or times like now when we held back on spending and lowered taxes for the wealthy? I will give you a hint. The republicans have blocked every public works project that has been proposed. That means that the only growth we have been experiencing has been the unemployment lines. The solution is simple. When people at the bottom are working they spend money. When they spend money inventories need to be replenished. When inventories need to be replenished suppliers hire more people. Interesting cycle right?

I don’t care if you are living in a red state or a blue state. I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican. We all need to wake up.

3 Responses to “I Am Not Happy”

  1. lynn

    The ideology and the fundamentalism behind Republicans has always frightened me…your essay is well stated…

  2. Lois & John

    We must continue to send your message out . . . hopefully eyes will be opened before it is to late.

  3. KarenAnn

    Yes, very well stated. Why can’t we all work together for the greater good of all rather than be so partisan and mean about the success/failure of a certain party/person?? It is all so immature and borders on the immoral too. Very frustrating!!

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