Some of you may not want to see this. I went today to get a tooth capped at a Dental Office in NY. I had gone to the appointment with my iPad which I brought into the treatment room.

Did I mention this was my third iPad. The first one I won at work about 2 years ago. Shortly I sold that to my step son and bought an iPad 2. Well I found out last Saturday that iPads do not travel well on the top of the car. So this is my third the iPad 3.

I must say it is faster. The camera is better and the screen is brighter. It also come with voice activated Google searches and if it doesn’t have it already it soon will. Oh look I shut off the mike and it filled in my spoken words almost perfectly. It must have to be trained.

Anyway after about 30 minutes I begin to get bored and I decided to take some pictures with the iPad which I was holding in my lap. So here is the result.


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